Ballanced War Axe-> ilv: 59, vendor price: 1G 98S 80C

Battered Mallet-> ilv: 19, Vendor price: 6S 3C

Blocking Targe-> ilv: 42, vendor price: 31S 54C

Blunting Mace-> ilv: 46, vendor price: 71S 98C

Broad Claymore-> ilv: 34, vendor price: 31S 25C

Brocade Bracers->ilv: 22, vendor price: 2S 68C

Brocade Shoes->ilv:23, Vendor price: 4S 31C

Brocade Shoulderpads->ilv:22, vendor price: 3S 89C

Calico Belt-> Ilv:14, vendor price: 80C

Calico Shoes-> Ilv:13, Vendor Price: 1S 3C

Calico Tunic-> Ilv:13, Vendor price:1S 40C

Cedar Walking Stick-> ilv:23,Vendor price: 10S 96C

Clammy Mail Pants-> ilv: 150, Vendor price: 2G 64S 74C

Clout Mace-> ilv: 54, vendor price: 1G 20S 42C

Crochet Bracers-> ilv: 44, vendor price: 20S 97C

Crochet Cloak-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 39S 41C

Cross-Stitched Belt-> ilv; 30, vendor price: 6S 43C

Cross-Stitched Gloves-> ilv: 26, vendor price: 4S 35C

Cross-Stitched Sandals-> ilv: 29, vendor price: 8S 54C

Cross-Stitched Vest-> ilv: 29, vendor price: 11S 96C

Decaying Leather Belt-> Ilv:72, Vendor Price: 65S 47C

Deft Stiletto-> ilv: 29, vendor price: 15S 64C

Deteriorating Blade-> Ilv: 69 , Vendor Price: 1G 84S 90C

Deteriorating Plate Helmet -> Ilv: 72, Vendor Price: 1G 6S 9C

Dilapidated Cloth Hat-> Ilv:72, Vendor price: 1G 8C

Dilapidated Cloth Shoulderpads-> ilv: 72, vendor price: 1G 3S 51C

Dingy Plate Pants-> ilv: 229, vendor price: 3G 77S 7C

Double-Stitched Cloak-> ilv: 37, vendor price: 18S 59C

Double Mail Boots->ilv: 32, vendor price: 11S 16C

Eroded Axe-> Ilv:69, Vendor Price: 1G 83S 52C

Feeble Shortbow-> Ilv:13, Vendor price: 1S 47C

Fine Pointed Dagger-> ilv: 44, vendor price: 62S 16C

Fisherman Knife-> ilv: 14, vendor price: 2S 40C

Frigid Mail Belt-> ilv:172, vendor price: 1G 17S 37C

Frost-Rimed Cloth Belt-> Ilv:132, vendor price: 1G 20S 41C

Frozen Bracers-> ilv: 132, vendor price: 1G 19S 11C

Frozen Shoulderpads-> ilv: 132, vendor price: 1G 66S 41C

Hardened Leather Boots-> ilv: 35, vendor price: 14S 11C

Hardened Cloak-> ilv: 38, vendor price; 18S 97C

Hardened Leather Pants-> ilv:32, vendor price: 14S 68C

Hardened Leather Tunic-> ilv: 33, vendor price: 16S 28C

Heavy Hammer-> ilv:12, vendor price: 1S 50C

Heavy War Staff-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 98S 21C

Hefty War Axe-> ilv: 32, vendor price; 28S 35C

Inferior Mail Bracers-> ilv: 229, vendor price: 1G 87S 36C

Interlaced Pants-> ilv: 39,vendor price: 39S 61C

Keen Axe-> ilv: 38, vendor price: 36S 50C

Light Plate Boots-> ilv: 52, vendor price: 55S 70C

Light Scimitar-> ilv: 36, vendor price; 30S 48C

Linked Chain Bracers->ilv:22, vendor price: 2S 72C

Meat Cleaver-> ilv: 27,vendor price: 12S 82C

Old Greatsword-> ilv:14, vendor price: 2S 93C

Overlinked Chain Shoulderpads-> ilv: 42, vendor price: 28S 22C

Perforated Plate Pants-> Ilv: 150, vendor Price: 2G 61S 89C

Primed Musket-> ilv: 57, vendor price: 1G 1S 68C

Rawhide Belt-> ilv: 24; Vendor price:3S 31C

Rawhide Boots-> ilv:25, vendor price: 5S 39C

Reinforced Chain Belt-> ilv: 26, vendor price: 4S 21C

Reinforced Chain Bracers-> ilv: 28, vendor price: 5S 14C

Reinforced Chain Boots-> ilv: 27,vendor price: 6S 93C

Reinforced Chain Gloves-> ilv: 30, vendor price: 6S 26C

Reinforced Chain Shoulderpads-> ilv: 27, vendor price: 7S 6C

Rock Maul-> ilv: 27, vendor price; 17S 65 C

Rough Wooden Staff-> ilv:12, vendor price: 1S 96C

Scooty Mail Pants-> ilv:199, vendor price: 3G 57S 82C

Shabby Boots-> ilv:229, vendor price: 2G 90S 77C

Sharp Shortsword-> ilv: 46, vendor price: 69S 10C

Sharpened Stilleto -> Ilv: 69 , Vendor Price:1G 87S 65C

Shiny Dirk-> ilv: 39, vendor price; 39S 57C

Shiny War Axe->ilv:23, vendor price: 11S 4C

Shoddy Blunderbuss->ilv: 22, vendor price: 5S 90C

Short-Handled Battle Axe-> ilv: 17, Vendor Price: 4S 53C

Small Round Shield->ilv:22, vendor price: 4S 57C

Splintering Battle Axe-> ilv: 49, vendor price: 1G 11S 89C

Standard Claymore->ilv: 24, Vendor price:12S 21C

Stock Short Sword-> ilv: 19, vendor price; 5S 1C

Stone War Axe-> ilv: 27, vendor price: 26S 9C

Stout War Staff-> ilv:51, vendor price: 1G 31S 7C

Thick Leather Hat-> ilv: 42, vendor price:26S 4C

Thick Leather Pants-> ilv: 42, vendor price: 36S 76C

Thick Leather Shoulderpads-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 40S 57C

Thick Leather Tunic-> ilv:45, vendor price: 46S 63C

Tough Cloak-> ilv:28, vendor price: 8S 14C

Tough Leather Armor-> ilv: 27, vendor price: 9S 8C

Tough Leather Boots-> ilv: 26, vendor price: 6S 68C

Tough Leather Bracers-> ilv: 27,vendor price: 4S 95C

Tough Leather Gloves-> ilv:29, vendor price: 5S 46C

Twill Belt-> ilv: 53, vendor price: 40S 9C

Twill Cover-> ilv: 56, vendor price: 68S 77C

Warped Blade-> ilv:24, vendor price: 9S 88C

Warped Leather Pants-> Ilv:14, Vendor price: 1S 72C

Worn Hatchet-> ilv: 14, vendor price: 2S 37C

Worn Mail Gloves-> ilv: 11, vendor price: 46C

Worn Mail Pants-> Ilv:12, Vendor Price: 1S 4C

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