Adamantine Figurine-> Ilv:112, Vendor Price: 6G 62S 90C

Algae Fists-> ilv: 25, vendor price: 10S 94C

Ash Covered Boots-> ilv: 47, vendor price:1G 13S 19C

Band of Many Prisms-> ilv: 112 vendor price: 3G 8S 66C

Baron Silverlaine's Greaves-> ilv: 346; Vendor price: 12G 63S 24C

Barrage Girdle-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 77S 49C

Belt of the Ravenlord -> Ilv: 115 , Vendor Price: 2G 97S 78 C

Blackout Truncheon-> Ilv:112, Vendor Price: 8G 38S 3C

Bloodcursed Felblade->ilv:18, vendor price: 13S 8C

Bloodsworn Warboots> ilv: 112, vendor price: 4G 39S 13C

Bloody Twilight Cloak-> ilv: 25; vendor price: 16S 31C

Boots of the Darkwalker-> ilv:115 vendor price: 4G 53S 20C

Bottled Tornado-> ilv: 400, vendor price: 15G 66S 18C

Buzzer Blade-> ilv: 346, Vendor price: 25G 12S 66C

Caine Commander's Breastplate-> ilv:31 vendor price; 41S 42C

Cloak of the Forgotten Emperor-> ilv:440, vendor price: 16G 48S 64C

Cloak of Thredd-> ilv:346: vendor price; 13G 40S 61C

Collarspike Bracers-> ilv:18, Vendor price: 4S 53C

Dark Ritual Cape-> Ilv:18, Vendor Price: 6S 82C

Dashing Strike Treads-> ilv: 33, vendor price: 36S 41C

Double Dealing Bracers-> Ilv:346, vendor price: 8G 80S 70C

Dream Wing Helm-> Ilv:112, Vendor Price: 4G 62S 71C

Emberstone Staff-> Ilv:346, vendor price: 31G 86S 53C

Enthralled Sphere-> ilv: 52, vendor price: 1G 82S 30C

Fang of Adarogg-> ilv: 18, vendor price; 12S 93C

Fireworm Robes-> Ilv:18, Vendor price: 8S 98C

Flameseared Carapace-> Ilv:18, vendor price: 9S 22C

Frostweaver Crown-> ilv: 32, vendor price: 35S 18C

Ghamoo-Ra's Bind-> ilv:25, Vendor price: 11S 2C

Gift of the Elven Magi-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 2G 22S 59C

Gorestained Garb-> ilv: 25, vendor price: 1S 70C

Gore Walker Threads-> ilv: 18, vendor price: 6S 92C

Grasp of the Broken Totem-> ilv:18, vendor price: 8S 95C

Greaves of the Misguided-> Ilv:346, vendor price: 16G 75S 19C

Haunting Footfalls->: Ilv:346, Vendor price: 12G 72S 75C

Headdress of Alacrity-> ilv: 115 vendor price: 2G 54S 58C

Heartboiler Staff->Ilv: 18, Vendor price: 15S 46C

Houndmaster's Compound Crossbow-> ilv: 31, vendor price: 43S 83C

Koegler's Ritual Knife-> ilv: 31, vendor price: 56S 35C

Life Bearer's Gauntlets-> ilv: 115 vendor price: 3G 19S 46C

Lightblade Bracer-> ilv: 31,vendor price: 21S 69C

Mantle of Lost Hope-> ilv: 52, vendor price: 1G 60S 6C

Mask of the Unforgiven-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 1G 18S 35C

Mograine's Immaculate Might-> ilv:31 , vendor price: 70S 70C

Moonchild Leggins-> Ilv:115, Vendor price: 6G 23S 87C

Moonstrider Boots-> Ilv:112 , Vendor Price: 4G 72S 57C

Moon-Touched Bands-> Ilv:115, Vendor Price: 2G 95S 24C

Naga Battle Gloves-> ilv:5, vendor price: 11S 10C

Robes of Arugal-> Ilv:346, vendor price: 17G 45S 31C

Rod of the Sleepwalker-> ilv: 25, vendor price: 39S 58C

Ruby Helm of the Just-> ilv:115, vendor price: 4G 55S 4C

Sash of the Burning Heat-> ilv: 52, vendor price: 1G 13S 56C

Savage Gladiator Leggings-> ilv: 52, vendor price: 2G 20S 88C

Scarlet Sandals-> ilv: 31, vendor price: 32S 17C

Scorched Earth Cloak-> ilv: 33, vendor price: 36S 41C

Serenity Belt-> Ilv:53, Vendor price: 1G 20S 83C

Sethekk Oracle Cloak-> Ilv:115, Vendor Price; 4 G 51S 78C

Shackles of Undeath-> Ilv:346, vendor price: 9G 13S 51C,

Shoulderguards of the Bold-> Ilv:115 Vendor price: 4G 41S 26C

Shoulderpads of Assassination -> Ilv:115, Vendor Price: 4G 75S 61C

Shroud of the Nathrezim-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 1G 14S 92C

Signet of the Hidden Door-> ilv: 32, vendor price: 20S 58C

Smite's Reaver-> ilv:346, vendor price: 25G 75S 56C

Snarlmouth Leggings-> Ilv:118, Vendor Price: 9S 22C

Strike of the Hydra-> ilv: 25, Vendor price: 39S 31C

Temperature -Sensing Necklace -> ilv: 31, vendor price: 17S 23C

The Cruel Hand of Timmy-> ilv: 47, vendor price; 2G 23S 36C

Thruk's Heavy Duty Fishing Pole->ilv:25, vendor price: 42S 54C

Tidefury Kilt-> Ilv:115 , Vendor Price: 6G 35S 29C

Whitemane's Embroidered Chapeau-> ilv: 33, vendor price: 36S 97C

Willey's Back Scrather-> ilv: 47, vendor price: 2G 37S 92C

Yaungol Mist-Shaman's Amulet-> ilv: 440n vendor price: 11G 40S 53C

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